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Mini Sessions are for immediate family up to 6 people. 

Extended family sessions are encouraged to book full portrait sessions. 

Studio petite sessions and Mini Sessions are NOT for extended family.

All images turn around within 7-14 days.  After the session is over, you will be sent a number of images to choose the images that you have purchased.  Then I will edit those images and send you an updated gallery with the finished images.

COVID-19 Precautions  -

It is a different season and I have precautions and a plan set into place for all of my sessions.  You can check them out here. Where appropriate (Holiday Studio and PJ Studio Sessions) there will be a time period to sanitize between sessions. 

Preparing for your Mini Session

Arrive Early

Arrive 5-10 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time for last minute issues that may arise.  Mini Sessions are scheduled back to back and any amount of time that you're late will directly impact the length of your session and number of images you may receive.

Book all sessions at www.hurtercreative.as.me

Please see the COVID-19 Precautions Guide for new studio and session policies.

Fall Family Mini Sessions - Various locations and dates are available at the booking link.

If you do not see an open date, please reach out because I may have an opening for you.

+ Up to 30 minutes, 10 images, $225

Carnival Fun

+ Choose between a bold colorful carnival and a soft pastel circus backdrop

+ 15 minutes, $120, 5 Images

Hello Fall

+ 10 minutes, 4 images, $99

Outdoor Holiday  Family Petite Sessions - One family

+ 15 minutes, 6 Images, $150

Santa Sessions 

+10 minutes, 3 images, $99

Holiday Studio Family Petite Sessions (3 backdrops to choose from)

+ 15 minutes, 5 images, $120

Holiday Pajamas Bed Petite Sessions (2 backdrops to choose from)

+ 15 minutes, 5 images, $120

Polar Express or Norman Rockwell Style Specialty Petite Sessions

+ 10 minutes, 5 Images, $120 

Hot Cocoa Babies Specialty - Limited Edition

+ 30 minutes, 10 images, $225, Holly Springs Studio

Enjoying the Holidays Specialty - Limited Edition

+ 30 minutes, 6 images, $225, Holly Springs Studio

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What To Wear

I know planning what to wear for your photo session can sometimes be stressful but I don't want you to stress!  When picking out your outfits, pick out the outfit for the most difficult to dress person first (almost always me!) and then plan everyone else's outfits around that one.  

Remember to plan colors and patterns as if you were dressing one whole person.  Too many patterns are really busy for the eye when looking at a group.  For my family, if I use a pattern, it's only for one person.  Check out this Pinterest LINK with some beautiful ideas for colors and  sample outfits for a whole family.

Bright reds, shiny reds and magentas, and oranges can often leave a color cast on the person's skin standing next to the person wearing it or the person wearing it.  There's no guarantee that I can edit that out.

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Have fun!

Relaxed parents families = Beautiful portraits!

I may have a little pocket full of smarties to hand out to (aka bribe) age appropriate kids but if you prefer me not to, just let me know.

Remember if you are helping to make the kids smile to stand nice and close to the camera! 

Gallery & Delivery

All sessions will be delivered by an online gallery.  The digital images are high resolution and you will also have a print release to print where you prefer.  The wonderful thing about the gallery is it's also connected to my professional printing lab so that you can order prints through my lab if you prefer.  I will receive your order and then personally send the files and order to the lab to be mailed to your house.

Special theme minis will be delivered within 7 days.

Fall and Holiday Minis will be delivered within 7-14 days.

I will select the best out of the best and if there are more than the amount of images that come with your session then I will upload the total amount to the gallery and then you will favorite the digital images you want.

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