Santa Sessions Tonya Hurter Photography - Tonya Hurter Photography

I'm so excited that you are coming to see Santa at the studio!  Here are some details to help you know what to expect.  My heart and intent is to have a limited number of families so that it is an intimate, fun experience for your children! 

Location: 106 Bristolwood Circle, Morrisville

When you come in the house, you are welcome to wait in the dining room.  There is a bathroom by the stairs and the dining room. The studio with Santa is upstairs and the other bedrooms are off limits.  Thank you!

Letters & Crafts: There will be Christmas letters/crafts for the children to do and some yummy cookies to snack on.  Each family who signs up will have a private time slot with Santa that will last up to 8 minutes.  Your child can give Santa his letter and looking at a book with him is also an option.

What to wear: Anything you'd like!  Christmas Pyjamas would be fun or something you would like your children to be dressed in.  

What if my child cries?  Don't worry!  Santa and I already have a plan and we will have Santa step aside for your child to still get a picture and he has this great idea of doing a little sneaky walk behind your child with a little "sshhh" to the lips.  

Location: 106 Bristolwood Circle, Morrisville

Date:  November 16, 9-12:30pm

Sickness:  If your child is sick, please be respectful of Santa and the other families.  I am happy to give you a credit towards another session.

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