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The Yummy Part!

PLEASE NOTE -  Some of the bakers are delivering a small 4 inch cake when you ask for a "Smash Cake." Don't ask for the smash cake.  Inform them several times you want a "SIX inch cake."  They are getting tripped up over the term "Smash Cake" and the smaller 4 inch size is cute but doesn't photograph as nicely as a six inch cake.

Helpful Tips - 

+ Please let your baby try the icing/cake before you come for your session.  Also let them TOUCH the icing and cake.  The sugar will be a huge surprise for them if you don't.  Usually by the second or third try, they love or tolerate it.  

+ I highly recommend buttercream icing.  Babies don't like fondant.  It's ok to put a few little items on the cake in fondant but they will not enjoy a whole cake in fondant.  It also presents a choking hazard.

+ Other choking hazards - gum balls, giant sprinkles, candy, etc.  

+ Choose a cake's colors by the colors of the backdrop.  I'm happy to pass along the inspiration photo so your baker has an idea of the exact colors I use.

+ Sizes - 6 inches is my favorite size and fits on my cake stands perfectly. I can also make 5 inches work.  7 inches is a little harder and usually doesn't fit a cake stand we can use the floor (with the cake plate under it).  8 inches is too big as it can cover the baby.  4 inches can be too small and looks very little.

+ 2 Layers is perfect.  You can go with three but keep in mind that the taller the cake, the more it'll cover up baby!

+ Less is more.  Remember the cake is a blip in the moment of the session.  Sometimes less is the best!  

+ Check out my portfolio for ideas of cakes that work well.

+ Please ask the baker to use a cake plate that isn't gold.  Gold is ok but white is better. 

I'm happy to give you ideas for the cake that will match your set perfectly!

Bakers I recommend - 

Sweet Cherry Bakery - one of my new favorites!! Apex.  They have a delivery option.

Cakes and Cookies by Dena

Artylicious Cakes - Raleigh

Publix - I recommend Publix for simple cakes only - white cakes, rosettes, naked. 

Sweet Traditions by Leann - Wake Forest

Gluten Free Bakery - Ferawyn's

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