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Welcome to Tonya Hurter Photography!  I am so excited to capture this beautiful season in your life.  Every pregnancy is uniquely different and beautiful and that unique beauty deserves to be captured. 

Once you have read through this guide and answered your questionnaire, please let me know if you have any questions.

Where to go - Studio or Outdoors

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Studio or Outdoors... There are bonuses to doing both. 

The studio is located in Morrisville.  Towards the end of July (2020), it will be located in Holly Springs.  It will also be more than double the size of the current studio - whoohoo!

Studio Pros -

+ We have total control of the weather in the studio.  No worrying about being rained out.  It's perfect for the winter seasons.

+ You have 3-4 different outfits and looks you can do.  From high key images to fashion images to the beautiful bed images to flowing fabric to implied nude, you will  have a gorgeous variety. 

+ Perfect for you, your spouse, and your child.

Studio Cons -

+ There can be less variety with a family with children or some children get bored in the studio quickly.  

Outdoor Pros -

+ Depending on the location, we can have a beautiful variety.  Downtown photos, park, meadow, and more are areas we can go.

+ JC Raulston Arboretum, Oak  View Historic County Park, American Tobacco District, Raleigh Warehouse District, Bond Park, Suggs Farm are some of the parks I absolutely love to go.

+ It keeps little ones busy.  We take a few images, walk a little, take a few get the idea.  We try to make it an adventure and have fun with it!

+ You can bring your furbabies!

Outdoor Cons -

+ We are depending on good weather.  I don't shoot in ugly, dark clouds.  It will change the look of my photography.  If it's just white clouds - no problem but those gray tones change skin tones and create racoon (shadow) eyes.

+ Our time is a little more limited as I shoot earlier in the morning (within 2 hours of the sun rising) and afternoon (within 2 hours of the sun setting).

+ You get less changes outdoors.  There may be time for one change of clothing but it depends on your family dynamics.

Outdoor or's absolutely your choice and if you need any helping deciding, just let me know!

Studio Style Examples -

Current color choices -

White, High Key White, Black, Red, Black, Thunder Gray, Light Gray, Ultramarine (Deep Blue), Emerald Green, Suede Gray (mix of beige and gray).

  • High Key White or Fabric

    High Key White or Fabric

  • High Key White

    High Key White

  • Deep Brown Seamless

    Deep Brown Seamless

  • High Key and/or Silhouette

    High Key and/or Silhouette

  • Thunder Gray or Casual (or whatever else you'd like)

    Thunder Gray or Casual (or whatever else you'd like)

  • White, Natural

    White, Natural

  • White Bed

    White Bed

  • White


  • High Key White, Implied Nude

    High Key White, Implied Nude

  • Low Key, Black

    Low Key, Black

  • White


  • White Bed

    White Bed

  • Low Key Black Dramatic and/or Implied Nude

    Low Key Black Dramatic and/or Implied Nude

  • Low Key, Black

    Low Key, Black

How to prepare for my session -

1. Fill out the questionnaire!

2. Be prepared to be on time.  If you are late that may impact the amount of images you receive.

3. Bring an ultrasound, baby shoes, or something special if you would like it photographed as a momento. 

Preparing for the studio -

1. The studio address is in your contract and Client Portal email. 

2. Bring a strapless bra - depending on certain dresses, you may need one. 

3. If you are doing any type of fabric, bring nude boy shorts, nude underwear, or a nude thong. 

Preparing for the outdoors -

1. If you are borrowing a dress, please pick it up the week before so you can come to the location already dressed.

2. Wear comfortable shoes if you are bringing heels to match your dress so you can walk comfortably from place to place.

3. If it's cold out, bring your jacket to wear over your clothing to be warm while we walk.

What to wear

Picking something out to wear always feels like the most difficult part of getting ready for my own family's photo sessions!  Hopefully, I can make that a little bit easier for you.  Here are a few tips that I recommend for the family.   

+ There are beautiful dress options in your Maternity Questionnaire that you can borrow from the studio.

+ When picking out your outfits, pick out the outfit for the most difficult to dress person first (almost always me!) and then plan everyone else's outfits around that one.

+ Coordinate but don't match! Remember to plan colors and patterns as if you were dressing one whole person. Pick a basic color palette and then add a few pop colors.

+ Too many patterns are really busy for the eye when looking at a group. If you add a pattern, let one person wear it proudly and then pick couple of those colors out for your family to add to their outfits.

+ Check out this Pinterest LINK with some beautiful ideas for colors and sample outfits for a whole family.

+ Accessorize! Don't forget scarves, hats, vests, jewelry, sweaters, and jackets can really complete a look. Layers and textures can be fun and we can always change items out as we go.

+ Please remember to iron your clothes or wear clothing that doesn't need "Photoshop" to fix it.

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Hair & Make Up - Should I do it?  Why yes, yes, you should!!  Seriously, how often do you get the opportunity to get gorgeous photos done of yourself?  Treat yourself, Mama.  You deserve it!  I have suggestions for who you can book with in my Maternity Questionnaire.

Milk Bath

What is a "Milk Bath?"  Ahhhhhh, it's one of my favorite sessions to capture!  It's beautiful, peaceful, and a very sweet experience.  It is literally one gallon of milk added to a not too warm but not too cold bath.  I have done so many milk baths and my clients all say afterwards that it was a wonderful experience and so much more fun than they thought it would be! 

My styles of Milk Baths - you can choose your colors but have a secondary color in case it's not a popular color for the season.

1) Organic - greenery and simple flowers like baby's breath (included.

2) Classic - greenery and a dozen roses (+$25)

3) Wild - greenery, roses, and other flowers that are in season. (+$45)


You can choose from nude, tulle wrapped around your chest to one of the 3 white dresses that I have in the wardrobe or bring your own dress.

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