How to prepare for your Newborn Session

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Your precious new baby is almost here & it's time to capture this beautiful new season.  I feel honored to be chosen to do this for your family and hope to form a lasting friendship with your whole family!

The Studio

My studio is located in my home at 212 Old Ballentine Way, Holly Springs (it may show up as Fuquay Varina but it is Holly Springs - just make sure the directions show that you are headed down Adcock Road to turn onto Old Ballentine Way and you know they are right).  Expect the studio to be cozy and warm like a little baby spa with white noise to mimic the time your little one spent in the womb.  You can bring a t-shirt to change into and feel free to bring snacks & water for the time.

I provide the props, baskets, wraps, bonnets, hair bows, and fabrics. I will ask you questions to help style your session based on your colors and favorite images in my gallery!

Baby will be in the nude, wrapped in wraps, or wear simple, handmade knit pants, rompers from the studio. 

When Baby Arrives

Please text me at 919-985-5295 or send me an email to let me know baby has arrived within the first 48 hours.  It's important to have baby in the studio within the first 12 days.  Babies sleep the deepest and stay the most flexible within the first two weeks of being born.  Those curly, sweet poses will be dependent on that time period.

Newborn sessions are done during the week at 10am.

"The love of a family is one of life's greatest blessings."

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Something that I have found that really helps the Newborn Sessions to be successful is for baby to be kept awake prior to the session.  This is not an easy feat!  However, I promise if you try for even a little bit, you'll see beautiful results!  If you have a grandparent, or auntie, or friend that comes over in the morning to help keep baby awake while you catch some sleep or get ready for the session, you can let them be on "Mission Keep Baby Awake" duty.  Remember most of what you see in a Newborn Session requires baby to be sleepy!    

If you're struggling to keep baby awake, often bathing them or stripping them down will help wake them up but please, please, please don't stress about this! If you see baby is in distress because they really need to sleep then let them sleep.   Babies do their own thing and I will go with the flow!

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I'll need you to be willing to nurse/bottlefeed off and on during the session but it's helpful to feed baby right before you leave to come to the studio.  My studio is a friendly breastfeeding place (or pumping!)

Pacifiers are beneficial to sessions, however I understand that not every parent approves of the use, but it really helps soothe the baby during posing.  The best brand to bring to the session is the soft, green "smoothie" kind.  (Green only.  The other colors are stiffer and made for older babies.).

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What to Wear

      Choosing what to wear for your Newborn Session doesn’t have to be hard. I wanted to share with you some 6 simple tips on what to wear for your Newborn Session.  Check out this blog for more info!

 I will base the backdrop off of what light tones or dark tones you choose. For example, if you choose charcoal & black then I’m going to use a  medium to dark gray backdrop. If you chose to wear creams and whites then I will choose an ivory or a light grayish/white backdrop. 

 Think soft cotton and knits. Tank tops, v-neck t-shirts (tighter fitting not baggy), slim sweaters, or softer shirts with not a lot of distraction are all wonderful options.  Also don’t forget to iron your clothes. Wrinkles do show up!

Stay away from patterns.  You can even opt to do skin to skin. I can wrap Mom’s chest in soft material and Dad can go shirtless. It’s a beautiful, soft, organic look.

Your Hands… I love to show how tiny baby is in comparison to your hands. A soft color or clear polish is lovely.

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Sibling shots take a lot of planning.  It's a great idea to practice at home!  Make it fun!   Have siblings lie down next to baby or a baby doll and practice snuggling.  Children 3 and under are going through a lot of transition when baby comes and I will choose poses where they feel like they have a special place as big brother or big sister while it's age appropriate!  For really littles ones, I have them lie on their back with heads together or I will put baby in a basket with a sibling next to it.  Some littles can hold their new baby but often they can't and I always have a parent spotting the process on each side so everyone feels safe!

Please avoid giving your children brightly colored juices and clean their faces before the session.  

Plain jeans & white tank tops or shirtless big brothers and big sisters with soft fabric wrapped around their waste can be so beautiful!   You can do a different outfit to make sure the kids are in the same color scheme ad mom & dad for family images.  

Babies sleep the best within the first 90 minutes of the session so I take advantage of that stage for the more difficult naked, curly poses.  I often will work with baby first and then do the family & sibling images.  I always wrap baby up like a little burrito to work with siblings.  It's the most safe way to work with baby with siblings.  If possible have someone available to bring your children 90 minutes after the session has started so they don't have to sit around.  If that's not possible, no worries, you can bring a tablet, iPad, snacks, or whatever you need to keep them happy!

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